Scary-Go-Round became the group's name when band members and Andy Sturmer of "Jellyfish" crossed paths at the Guitar Center in Hollywood.  Sturmer learned  the "Jellyfish" debut album Bellybutton was admired greatly by the band and offered "Scary-Go-Round" as a name. A Sturmer band's early possible, but unused moniker. SGR forged ahead, creating a loyal fan base from their former high school class mates that followed their performances to Clubhouse 41, The Essex House and numerous private parties and engagements locally. Augie pushed for more original material, Duron was insistent for more gigs in a wider geographical area.
PHOTOGRAPH by Brent Waln taken on Quartz Hill mountain east of the water towers. left-right. Jason Oliver, Roby Duron, aa.c, Jim Sloan.
Special Boy aeiou Lotus Fur studio