A band was the next step in Augie's musical progression and growth, and everything started happening at once.  Augie had begun informal jam sessions with friend Roby and local drummer Jason Oliver. But something more was needed.  Alex was introduced to Jim Sloan, a cutting edge singer/songwriter/lyricist and the need was filled.  Duron and Oliver welcomed Sloan into the fledgling band, Scary-go-Round. "None of us really knew anything about writing words or vocal melodies," Alexander says, ". . . . so Jim Sloanwas the obvious solution to the problem." It was 1990 and Augie Alexander was on his way.
PHOTO taken in Jason's parents garage in Lancaster, CA.
left-right - Roby Duron, Jim Sloan, Jason Oliver (drums), aa.c (bass)
Special Boy aeiou Lotus Fur studio