Augie assumed the additional managerial duties, and became primary motivator, pushing for three or more rehersals weekly for nine months.  During this intense period of development and preparation 20 original tunes were written in various collaborative efforts of Alexander, Duron and Sloan.  These remarkably well written compositions ranged from a powerhouse instrumental, to hauntingly lush acoustics.  Their debut was an 'all ages' performance at the World Renowned Lancaster [CA] Moose Lodge.  Late reviews called the performance " ... No less than Stunning! 1st Class! Encore!" And of course like nearly all new and emerging groups, creative differences began taking their toll early on..
PHOTOGRAPH by Brent Waln taken on Quartz Hill mountain east of the water towers. left-right. Jason Oliver, aa.c, Jim Sloan, Roby Duron.
Special Boy aeiou Lotus Fur studio