SPECIAL BOY (band name conceived by Riche Blue) was Alexander's first effort towards a new musical collaboration in San Diego. Augie recruited Laduska York (formally of FLOODED) and Riche Blue (a well known local blues harmonica player) as utility players to support his acoustic material. "Laduska sings, plays drums, bass, flute, percussion, pretty much anything." Augie proclaims, "She's got a very musical soul and she's driven."
Riche Blue is an accomplished harmonica player and an aspiring mandolinist. "I love the mandolin." Augie says, "I also thought the harmonica would be an unusual addition in some of my songs." Riche Blue soon recruited bassist Kevin Zielinski from Chicago. Riche met Kevin during a Gatos Papacitos gig at Blind Melons in Pacific Beach.
PHOTOGRAPH by Mike Earley - SPECIAL BOY - left-right Laduska York, Riche Blue, aa.c
Special Boy aeiou Lotus Fur studio