aeiou became the band name out of necessity more than choice. At the San Diego coffee house Javanican's open mic, Augie blurted out the vowels after being asked his band name. aeiou was born.Less than six weeks into Vout's arriving to California, creative differences between He and Kevin resurfaced. Augie recalled prior Kevin's problems with Laduska, and recruited local musical prodigy Mark Loperfido to the band.
"Mark was a kid that worked at a local coffee houses, Twiggs." Augie explains, "I had loaned him one of my spare bass guitars months earlier for him to learn on. I had no idea he would become the bassist in my band. He learned super fast. We already had gig's booked, and he had to learn the material in two weeks."
PHOTOGRAPH by Mike Earley. left-right. aa.c, Mark Loperfido, Vout
Special Boy aeiou Lotus Fur studio