A young Augie played trumpet in several bands and special groups in the extensive music program offered in his Quartz Hill [CA] High School, moving to first chair, and leading one of the seasonal Pep-Bands. During Alexander's involvement with the Jazz Band he met and became close friends with Roby Duron, an accomplished guitarist. Alex found an interest in and learned to play the bass guitar.  Augie and Roby played, and experimented musically together, both learning and growing. Alex's musical inquiry expanded and grew as did his musical ability on an ever increasing number of instruments. He wove these new talents and accomplishments into and throughout his work-ups and performances, both with his school related music, and his extra-curricular musical efforts and adventures. Writing, production, performance and projects--future tense.  So much yet to do and try . . .  >

PHOTO - aa.c (top) and Bear Perrin (bottom) exchange licks as the QHHS Marching Band backs them in a pre planned routine to TEQUILA during the Palmdale Annual Christmas parade, a favorite song to perform among high school marching bands.
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