In 1994, Augie joined Joel Hatcher and Ian Ingram in spontaneous jams in summer afternoons. Hatcher's lead guitar and vocals, Alex doing bass/vocals and Ingram at the drum kit, they stepped up from casual sessions to a weekly gig at The Desert Inn, in Lancaster, CA.  Augie, ever watchful to new possibilities, saw one and pushed to evolve their weekly engagement into an "Open Mic" jam for all local musicians.  He explains, "My vision was simple really.  You get more performers into the room, the attendance increases, then by any measure the night is more successful.  More audience, greater exposure for everyone, better gate. And it just kept growing."
PHOTOS - top-left - Jeol Hatcher - top-right - Rick Myers
bottom-left-right - Lisa - The J-Band aa.c (bass) Sly (drums) Joel Hatcher (guitar)
Special Boy aeiou Lotus Fur studio