As the gap of creative differences began to widen, a change in line-up was unavoidable. At one point, Oliver and Sloan ganged up on Alexander after Augie expressed interest in replacing Sloan. I believe the breaking point may have been over Becky Paine. Becky dated Jim briefly, ultimately expressing interest in Jason. Alexander may have used that moment to his advantage. Expressing to Jason that the band was breaking up. In reality, Scary-Go-Round replaced Oliver with Dan Jones, another co-band member from high school.
"Jason is a phenomenal drummer," Alexander explains, "But he seemed to be more concerned about making himself look good, rather than making the band look good. Dan was a bit flashy as well, but paid much more attention to what the song needed."
PHOTO - Dan Jones replaced Jason Oliver on drums. Performing live here at local Lancaster venue Waterworks, formally Clubhouse 41.
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