One step forward.  Two steps back.  Maybe three. Despite progress, promise and potential, creative differences came calling once again.  Harder. 1993 had seen an agreement between Sloan and Alexnder.  Augie departs SGR though some recording continues at more affordable Lancaster studios.  Remaining bandmen Jim Sloan, Roby Duron and Dan Jones, with new bassist Dave Templeton were now a new band.  "Jim and Dave were writing stuff." Alexander explains, "For some time I had been writing lyrics for my own music and arrangements.   I had been doing all the work for the band and I owned all the equipment.  "There wasn't really any deciding about it.  A new phase had begun, Augie was but one, Duron made two.  Sloan, forming a new band, lost much of what the original SGR had been when Alex left, and Roby rejoined with his long time friend.  Add former fan Marty Rosamond.   New band= "Puzzled"
PHOTOGRAPH by Valley Press editor Todd Weiss.
Clockwise from top - Roby Duron, aa.c, Jim Sloan, Dan Jones
Special Boy aeiou Lotus Fur studio