Stage manager duties quickly morphed to more responsibility benefiting all. Especially the band.  "Giangreco Productions rented out both clubs," Augie explains, "I would manage one and Mike the other.  It was a great gig. It allowed me to see all the bookings, and Mike arranged it so I could pick the nights our band played." SGR continued to perform on Sunset Blvd. Their fan base, still loyal was growing steadily.  Soon the crowd was difficult to miss and that sound of money opened their next career door to professional recording.  Motivating, managing Augie, called his recently gained connections. SGR now had a real recording studio and all that implies.  Their first recording.
PHOTO -SOLD OUT show at the World Famous Whisky on the Sunset Strip, Hollywood, CA.
lforeground - Roby Duron
Special Boy aeiou Lotus Fur studio