Augie compromised and pressed 1000 copies of what he considers an elaborate demo at best. The record was released at dual CD release parties at Blind Melons and The Belly Up Tavern in 2001.
As the summer of 2001 was closing in, Mark Loperfido began loosing interest. The band didn't rehears as much due to Lou's new work schedule and wife. Augie needed to take work more often as well to replenish the money spent on the band's album. Lou didn't agree with augie's apparent hipocricy and double standards.
PHOTO - Sound check at the San Diego County Fair. left-right Augie Alexander, Vout, Mark Loperfide.
Augie contemplated recruiting a new drummer using the bands recent sucess, but ultimately put together a solo Acoustic tour from San Diego to Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn would also become the new home base for
Special Boy aeiou Lotus Fur studio