augiealexander's initial vision for aeiou was to get the rythm section to support the acoustic material he had been acumulating. However, it didn't take long to realize that aeiou was at it's best when basing songs off Marks unusual and inventive bass lines. Songs like Kiss The Girl and Big Silver Aeroplane would have never existed without Mark lending his creative genius.
aeiou rehearsed in a small affordablle room within Neal Hedegard's Left Coast Studio's off Clairmont Mesa Blvd in San Diego. This 9'x9' room doubled as the band's makeshift recording studio. One Less Nothing is a collection of songs recorded on dual ADATs. Augie spent every day there recording scratch tracks and Mark and Vout would come in the evenings to laydown their parts. Augie would edit and mixdown their parts the following day and dub vocal tracks.
PHOTOGRAPH taken by Big Jay Nasty. left-right aa.c, Vout, Mark Loperfido
"One of the factors leading to the disbanding of aeiou was Lou's never ending impatience with the completion of this album." Augie says, "in his defense, I think he's put forth lots of work into projects that never paid off. He obviously didn't understand that I ALWAYS finish what I start, and I wanted this record to be as good as possible."
Special Boy aeiou Lotus Fur studio