One Less Nothing (aeiou)Released 2001
Less than 1000 copies in print • Recorded at Mercury Road, San Diego, CA

One Less Nothing is a collaboration. Mark Loperfido, Lou 'Vout'eroulous, and make up aeiou, a San Diego County award winning trio.

Consisting of nine tracks, "One Less Nothing has an indie demo feel" says Alexander, "I was burdened with no-budget, tired recording gear, little time & an extremely impatient drummer." Conversely, One Less Nothing has a very unusual flavor featuring Loperfido's infectious approach to the bass guitar, Vout's Chicago jazz influence/background and Alexander's original arrangement, signature style guitar rhythms, and dark, introspective lyrics.

Recorded and produced in 'The Closet' at Left Coast Studios, San Diego, Augie tracked Mark's bass and Vout's drums, ultimately dubbing his own guitars, vocals, percussion, and other odds and ends. "Tracking was troublesome," exclaims Alexander, "great frustration came out of having to be diplomatic with Vout about tempo and simplifying parts for the good of the whole. Although I had control of the knobs, I had little control of the drums."

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Kiss The Girl
Big Silver Aeroplane
Things Fall Down
I'm So Happy
Wide Open
We Bleed Blue

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