Box of shadowsReleased 2001
less than 200 original copies in print • Recorded at Lake Murry, SD / Quartz Hill, CA / Brooklyn, NY

Box of Shadows has been labeled a 'Masterpiece'. This (limited edition) version is a prelude and 'original' version of a major label release soon to come.

If you own a copy of this gem, make a CD-R copy of this music and put the original aside in a sealed plastic bag. Each copy is a one of a kind, individually hand painted and assembled cardboard jewel case. The look of this introductory box is similar to the mock up of what will ultimately be manufactured and titled Box of shadows, the third and final edition of the series.

By no means is this an incomplete composition. "As a self-produced recording artist, it's nearly impossible to mix your own work immediately after hearing it 300 times," says Alexander. "And since I was then unable to join up with a coproducer that I could admire and trust, there was no alternative other than to do it myself. Ultimately, a good 6 month break from hearing these works would be best. I wanted to send out some copies to some friends that I admire. I was looking for some constructive criticism."

Pre-production took place La Mesa, CA and continued in Quartz Hill, CA. Additional tracking and programming was completed in Brooklyn, NY in November, 2001. Augie recorded this album himself in his project studio. Instruments include: bass, live & programmed drum tracks, guitars, keyboards, percussion, background and lead vocals. Additional vocals added by Jenn Hyjack & Katie Strand.

Falling To Rise
Penelope Claire
Words of Morning
Measly Love Song
* Pieces

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(special edition) Delphine Falco