Released 2004
Produced by: • Remixed at Pseudo Pop Studios, Brooklyn, NY

This EP features the single most popular track from each of Augie's first three albums, and the first completed track from Augie's latest album delphine falco. Each track is remixed and enhanced from its original sound recording. Each track is also available as an individual digital download on iTunes as well as many other online music stores. This EP is in existence in order to give music lovers a taste of Alexander's unusual style and catchy material.

In addition to the music, we are also very excited about the cover photo. It calls your attention to one of Alexander's acoustic guitars in the foreground, while Augie contemplates in the distance. Listeners may assume that this sampler EP is acoustic based. On the contrary, this photo illustrates that this EP is largely absent of Augie's typical acoustic based material, and more importantly foreshadows what is to come. We should add, delphine falco, although not released, was basically completed at the time of this sampler release and is largely absent of acoustic guitar based material as well.

Check back this year in the prospective pages for announcements of Augie's fifth and sixth records in preproduction now.
Snake Dance
Big Silver Aeroplane
So Wrong

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(special edition) Delphine Falco