delphine falcoReleased 2005
Recorded in Brooklyn, NY

delphine falco is a journey into musical landscapes decorated with lyrics that occupy multiple levels of consciousness.

"I visited a few places I've never been," says Alexander. "All my prior recordings basically start with and acoustic guitar and go from there. This record is based on loops, mostly extracted from my own improvisations. Most of the lyrics are a result of recent experiences and emotions with the exception of So Wrong and Down For A While dating back to the mid 90's. In many ways I sort of fell like this is my first record. I really think I may have set a bit of a precedence with an lyrical experiment on tracks 2&3 as well as tracks 6&7. I think I may have been at a lose for words on Track 3, and the lyrics from Track 2 fit perfectly. I was so happy with the results, I did it again with Or Mud. Then track 10 revisits the entire album. I don't know where and when this has been practiced. I know people who use old lyrics in new tunes and then just scrap the old.

Change The World
Sy Soleae
Si Soleat
Go On
So Wrong
Ora Maud
Down For A While
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