Following The ElevensReleased 1999
Produced by: • Recorded at The Nile, San Diego, CA

Following The Elevens was titled after a bizarre, uncanny series of coincidences. Preceding the completion of this album, the number 11 mirroring itself began appearing frequently on the most unusual occasions. "It helped keep me going toward completing this record," Augie says, "The Elevens were sort of a sign that I was headed in the right direction."

Consisting of eleven tracks including an intro and interlude, Following The Elevens is a unique and well-produced debut album. Most noteworthy, is Augie's original approach to orchestration and his signature style of guitar rhythms.

Produced in a modest project studio, Augie tracked all his own instruments including bass, live & programmed drum tracks, guitars, keyboards, percussion, background and lead vocals. None of the final mixes were properly cross-referenced nor were suggestions made by industry professionals, ultimately making this album truly a work of art, not a mainstream commercialized product.

Snake Dance, one of the most popular tracks, has been the first to undergo a bit of modern digital enhancement. "I have plans to do some touching up," says Alexander. "Now that I've incorporated Pro-Tools in my work, I'd like to make The Elevens a bit more friendly to the average human listener."

• Listen to your local college radio station and request Snake Dance.

I'm Between You
You Slipped Away
Common Girl
Chelsea's Place
Snake Dance
Short Ride
Bands & Floats

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