One Less Nothing (aeiou)Released 2001
Less than 1000 copies in print • Recorded at Mercury Road, San Diego, CA

aeiou began to form in January of 2000. Special Boy was a short lived project with an unusual lineup that ultimately spawned aeiou. Vout was brought on board by the original aeiou bass player Krazy Kevin. Alexander & Loperfido met at Twiggs, a local coffee house.

Mark Loperfido's official status came immediately after the trio preformed their first gig at Tuba-mans in North Park, San Diego, less than a week after their first rehearsal. "Getting this rhythm section to accurately express songs that I had been playing for years was not happening," exclaims Alexander. "aeiou's ultimate fate was to write new songs... AND THEY TURNED OUT GREAT! Mark had dozens of short bass lines. He would just loop one at a time, allowing Lou and I to layer our ideas on top. I would record the session, and work out vocal melodies and lyrics on the side. With the exception of We Bleed Blue and Things Fall Down, One Less Nothing IS Mark's bass lines and how they made me feel in the spring of 2000."

Despite the studio politics, One Less Nothing has strong, cutting edge material and an unusual sound. Alexander has plans to re-record and/or re-mix Big Silver Aeroplane, Estrogen and possibly We Bleed Blue.
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Kiss The Girl
Big Silver Aeroplane
Things Fall Down
I'm So Happy
Wide Open
We Bleed Blue

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