aeiou – Augie invisioned aeiou’s music to support his acoustic works. However, the music found its comfort zone when Mark Loperfido brought in baselines he had composed, subsequently allowing Augie to arrange, write guitar, melody, and lyrics. VOUT occasionally hit on magical drum grooves that made sense and supported the material (Building a Mountain, Unattended). Unfortunately, more often then not, his inner needs tended to mimic Stuart Copeland working against the overall vision. “Ironically, I think Sting hated Stuart's overplaying, although I love what The Police did... musically - leaps and bounds over what Sting did as a solo artist.” Augie says, “but somehow I think Vout fell short of recreating the magic of The Police. Maybe I just wasn't patient enough.” aeiou disbanded during the writing process of their sophomore album. Penelope Claire and Infection (Box of shadows) were among these songs.

Building a Mountain
I Want You
Loperfido bits
PHOTO: Courtesy of Debbie Carlos
Special Boy Puzzled Scary-Go-Round