PHOTO: Courtesy of S T E V E N K R A I T T

I the early 1990’s, Augie Alexander contributed basslines, arrangements and overall direction to the collaborative efforts of Scary-Go-Round. Along with lyricist/songwriter Jim Sloan and guitarist Roby Duron, Scary-Go-Round wrote and performed over 30 songs, many with multiple arrangements. Come Back and Cry Why are great examples of Sloans’s solo acoustic works that became SGR arrangements when Alexander, Duron, and original drummer Jason Oliver simply lent their parts. As the band evolved, many songs were created when Alexander brought in orchestrated basslines and creative direction. These musical ideas inspired songs like Everything Fits Now and
Peek-a-boo. SGR disbanded after three and a half years of collaborating and performing. Here are a variety of tracks.

Come Back
Cry Why
Whiskey a go-go Set Medley
Special Boy Puzzled Scary-Go-Round