PHOTO: Courtesy of J.W. Diehl Photographs

harmonica extraordinaire, Riche Blue (Rich-E-Blue), Augie put out a long anticipated call to Laduska York (formally of Flooded). Knowing that Laduska was very musically talented, creative, and uninhibited, Augie suspected that she would fit in nicely. Riche Blue recently picked up the mandolin, another instrument Augie sought. Kevin Zielensky, recruited by Riche Blue, was a bit too flashy on the bass for augie’s taste, but seemed eager and excited to be a part of the project. These tracks are examples of this time of settling.

Special Boy was Augie’s first attempt to put together a project that would amplify his acoustic music he had been writing and performing following the disbanding of Puzzled. After frequenting the San Diego open mic scene as a solo performer, a band seemed long over due. His ideal instrumentation would include a simple, upbeat, repetitive bass and drum line, as well as a percussionist and secondary auxiliary player to add color, additional voices, and harmonies. After discussing ideas and rehearsing with San Diego’s
Special Boy Puzzled Scary-Go-Round