PHOTO: Courtesy of Peter Franck
Peek-a-boo is an Augie Alexander bassline inspired by Pink Floyd’s Money. Both Money and Peek-a-boo are in the odd time signature of 7/4. This song is a great example of Jim Sloan and Roby Duron’s brilliant coloring of an Alexander arrangement. Peek-a-boo also played an important role in original drummer Jason Oliver’s departure. “At one point,” Alexander explains, “Jason just flat out refused to play this song anymore. Although his excuse was it ‘bored him’, I believe he didn't like to play it because the slower tempo didn't allow him to beat the drums like Beavis. I personally love this song. It's perfectly dark and spooky. For one Roxy show, we painted our faces in black light ink and opened with it. The audience was mesmerized.”
Special Boy Puzzled Scary-Go-Round