Dear Roby is based on two of Augie's unrelated life experiences. The first being a late night encounter with a high-school “friend” Angie, where Alexander was required to sneak out of his parents home at 2am to reunite after a neighborhood party. The second mishap took place just before an SGR rehearsal where Alexander showed up to a locked rehearsal space due to Duron’s 3-hour tardiness. After 3 hours of drinking beer on Roby’s porch, Augie thought it was necessary to denounce Roby’s tardiness by throwing a beer bottle thru Roby’s car window. “This probably ranks among the top 5 dumbest things I've ever done,” Augie explains, “However, Roby and I remain very close to this day. It says a lot about our relationship.”

PHOTO: Courtesy of Tim T Stanke
Special Boy Puzzled Scary-Go-Round