Nova Menco was a band of 4 brothers and a cousin from Malta. “As I understand it, they came to the US to ‘get famous.’ I auditioned to join the two-guy division of the band after three guys left. Rumor has it, the three guys left after the lead guy got involved with their manager, Sheryl. (I guess blood isn’t thicker than water). I did very much enjoy working with Nadro (lead guitar) and Giovanni (drummer). Nadro is a flawless lead nylon string performer and a great mentor. Giovanni is a soft-spoken, but funny & charismatic Maltese with striking features (like Elvis Costello). Giovanni was incredibly loyal to Nadro. Although I played countless shows with them in a relatively short time, I didn’t see a monetary future in the project and I failed to memorize the bizarre (to me) arrangements. I’m disappointed that I cannot get reacquainted with Nadro and Giovanni.”

Special Boy Puzzled Scary-Go-Round