Carlos Olmeda, a much-respected San Diego based songwriter, often performed at Twiggs Coffee House in University Heights, San Diego, CA. Augie willingly approached Olmeda when he learned that Carlos would be recording a studio album. Augie wanted to participate as a bass player and a trumpeter on this project. Produced by Gregory Page. “Carlos has great, great material and a very warm style.” Augie explains, “ He’s also super diverse. I wanted to be a witness in his recording environment along with Gregory Page who was producing the project.

Carlos invited me to audition and seemed pleased with my ‘feel’. after that, we rehearsed several times. Carlos is every bit as attached to his songs and am I to mine. He was extremely particular about everything I played. I knew where his passion was comng from, so I did the best I could to accurately represent his ideas. Carlos is a great example of an extraordinary talent that is often overlooked by the music industry”


Special Boy Puzzled Scary-Go-Round