Welcome To My Song ©1998
Inspired by Relationship Tension
Stollen Chords: progression by Johnny Ciccolella
Written at The Nile - in my bedroom
It’s been quite some time, since I found myself crawling beneath your lead 
There’s no law here. The temptation was strong and I’ve been wrong before, but I must decline this precious time, there’s no law here
I miss the old days when we use to play 
I miss the things you used to say 
Even when I’ve been a bit confused, of direction, you’ve been welcome to come along 
Now I’m the sunshine beating down on you 
The temptation was strong, and I’ve been wrong before but I must decline this precious time 
You can fly if you set your mind to it
It’s no wonder you’re tall, so much harder you fall You’ve built up this wall with no windows at all. I’ve been knocking for days, and I wont go away I’ve got something to say and I’m here to remind you that
you’re welcome to my song
We’ve been expecting you, we’re the eclectic few. 
And you’re welcome to sing along Please make yourself at home, let’s plan the seeds we’ve sewn 
Don’t kiss me goodbye. It’s all been a lie. But just this one last time,  I’m here to remind you that
you’re welcome to my song 
I’m so glad you could make it And you’re welcome to sing alone, please make yourself at home Let’s plan the seeds And you’ve been welcome all along I’m so glad I’m so glad that you’re welcome You’re welcome