My Heart Is ©1998
Inspired by my desire to be understood
Stollen Quote: "cut a rug" Allison Lee
Written in my bedroom at the Nile
PHOTOGRAPH of Allison Lee Stoll
It’s all behind me, but I travel in circles 
Teacher says face front But Mr. Misses, who’s teaching who? 
My mum says chin up But ma? I can’t see the ground  

My mind is dancing
My teeth smile 
My face is laughing
My mind is dancing I’m gonna cut a rug
My heart is  
Shhh... sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs
And when you’re taking names, you can call me “Alex” 
Please just call  

My mind is dancing 
Don’t touch me while I’m dancing
Don’t touch me while I dance 
Don’t touch me while my mind is dancing I’m gonna cut a rug My heart is