Snake Dance ©1998
Inspired by chord progression
Stollen Quote: "It's Exquisit" - Kramer from Sinefeld
Written while sitting in a circle of candels
PHOTO: Courtesy of
While I’m walking, I’ve been woken, and I walk in on you
And you’re sleeping, you’re still sleeping, with one open eye, to see me comin'
Now I’m sneaking, I’ll still sneak in, I’m right behind you, so let’s become one
And dance
Pretend as though I’m lost, maintain calm at all cost, it’s a hypothetical situation
And it’s so exquisite, my little snake dance
A brief nocturnal romance, my little snake dance
Leave them all at home, your ghosts may not condone this behavior
when we’re alone
My little snake dance, my snake
I may not be nimble, but I’m quick
Get back Jack or your sack ‘ll get caught in the candle wax
It’s not now what your thinking,  please refrain from blinking
’ve grown so tired of all these explanations
Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, I’m gonna
It’s so Exquisite
Relax and watch the candle flame