Bands & Floats ©1997
Inspired by Relationship Tension
Written in my car in the Parking lot of an Irish Sports
Bar while many people were partying inside

I’d prefer to write about evolution, and technology, but I’m stuck on you and me... and me 
I’d love to write about the human race, and it’s destiny.The spiritually poisoned jealously inbred and spoon-fed so casually 
But the next time you need a friend, and the next time we make amends I’ll lead the parade to your house  
Growing taller as I arrive, with my chaotic group of alibis and naive young souls to shape and mold and clone when they get old
I’ll lead the parade of ragtime and horses, and tiny girl dancers and Charlie Romancers and nocturnal wishes, while hunting for Frisbees
And the next time you see me humbly stumble over the chosen few, and I flex blindly but timely forget the mistakes I made with you
Just close your eyes, and when it’s time you’ll know. Your clothes are mine, band spend fits time, now go... now go 
And I’ll lead the parade to your house 
I’ll lead the parade to your house 
I’ll bleed the parade at your house Although I never thought to ask if you liked Bands and floats Wedding bands devote demand a float With bands that float

Woke up just now, thought I’d finish this ditty 
Though so still sleepy, I’m feeling quite witty 
It was time to take a stand, I’d become a fan of yours
I’m so sad you’re in demand, but I’ll carry on with my plan
To lead the parade