I'm So Happy ©1997
Inspired by Rhonda Robison
Stollen Quote: "This side of We" Jim Sloan
Written at a private beach in La Jolla, CA
PHOTO: Courtesy of silmonia.com

Take one step at a time, use your crutch it’s not so much to ask
Take a deep breathe off this
warm oxy-balloon
Take on of these capsules
How b‘out the blue one, OK the red
Now follow me

Shhh... Don’t speak to me
use you subconscious gestures
Ah, ah, ah, don’t touch me
I’m not really here
Not stop your staring, just shut your eyes and take off that silly disguise
And follow me

Damn, we’re at the third verse already
I’ve barely had enough strength
to sing the first again 
But I must keep going
I must keep knowing that I could materialize before your eyes 
Now, you must know
that I’m so happy to be on this side of we
So follow me.