Short Ride ©1997
Inspired by chord progression
Stollen Chords: aprx. progression by guy at openmic
Written in Justin Self's room on Wilbur St in PB, SD
  Now I’ve trapped the lost fish. Shall we though him back? 
He may never find his way 
I think I’ll build a doghouse, a cool spot for spot to rest.
Now I spot the cat pool, it’s all washed out boiling over the truck scale 
That was just the short ride... here, try this. It may taste a bit stale, but it sounds like honey, boiling over the truck scale.
I am not the fat man, just a bit thick. An alien of sorts. Along my honeymoon, wont you come with me, I’ll be awfully lonely by myself. It’ll be a camping trip. We’ll hunt for lost fish, with a nylon pole. We can stay ‘till next year. Around Christmas we can exchange clothes. What about St. Patrick’s? You brought your new friend .You spent your last cigarette. That’s how me met. It was that cigarette.
What about the short ride
wont you come along?
I can’t wait for you
I think I’ll walk from here