Breathing Rhyme ©1996
Inspired by Rhonda Robison
Written at Hardwood Street in my living room
I’m still breathing on you, but you wont blow away until I sing to you.
Rhyme’s not always the answer. Lost in time for two, now you’re slippin’,
not just trippin over swollen balls of ice tears cried and kept close by your side
to thaw and use again, keep ‘em comin’, keep ‘em  
Now you’re mine  
Just because you wear those tall shoes, for short fools, doesn’t mean you’re all grown up now, through up that soul now. The one you just swallowed. You’re so hollow. You’re not digesting, just investing their time  
Now you’re mine  
Now I’m so fast to come back to your. You’re so slow cuz you can’t grow. You just blow me off like a freak who’s not in touch with his feelings. Not in touch with my feelings?
... that’s my dealings  
Now you’re mine  
Just stand up and walk away. What do you say?  Don’t’ you think for yourself anymore? 
I told you off and put you down, I don’t like the sound, we’ve gone round and round  by choice
Now you're mine
PHOTOGRAPH of Rhonda Robison at
The Antelope Valley Brewery