Shoe Shine Man ©1996
Inspired by Relationship Tension
Stollen Quote: "I'm The Shoe Shine Man!" John Baker
Written in my grandmothers chair in my livingroom
PHOTOGRAPH of Jonathan Baker
at Louisiana Hots, Lancaster, CA

Traveling woman, providing a sale 
Swapping her senses, aimed at males 
Taller than normal, shorter than few 
Just sit on up in my thrown and let me introduce myself...
I’m the shoe shine man  

Here’s your choice of polish! They all seem to match perfectly! 
So tell me, how the hell’d you get here without walking thru the shit in my front yard?  
I’m so sorry, pay me no bother
you managed to make it to queen bee for a day
now I need not remind you, you must now remove your shoes
it’s okay, I’m the shoe shine man! 

Okay, back to business, I think those belong to me
... oh no, no, no, you can keep your shoes, but your souls belong to me. 
No need to be angry, you’ve foreseen this moment for quite some time
Why you pick on the milk boy, no one fucks with me!!

I'm the shoe shine man