Comon Girl ©1996
Inspired by Relationship Tension
Written in my living room at hardwood
PHOTO: Courtesy of the Lanie Ball
She’s a woman. Watch in wonder. Inside a beauty. She has an old soul
And when she floats around and casts her sound they follow close behind
I don’t want to get to know her I’ll just blow her off like common girl
Although I feel as though I’m the only one who loves her
I feel as though I’m the only one who truly loves her
She’s now a lady ten fold and counting back and forth, like the tide
Controlled by the full moon, slightly smirking, lurking with the wind
And she’s floating fancy free... dancing for hypocrisy

Step down off those platforms, you’re not a circus clown
You have a sound of beauty
They’ll all approach a cutie from time to time