Goodbye ©1996
Inspired by Rhonda Robison
Written at Hardwood Street in my living room
Not again. This time we’re finished, but diminished... instead
You’re not the answer, but still I beg the question
Your tongue is sharper than the bed of nails we used to sleep on
You should join the circus, you can learn to walk around on stilts and swallow swords and go on all night dates with the human cannon ball
Must I admit it's over Must I admit we’re done Must I sing now Must I say goodbye?
Okay, okay already, I’m back again. I’ve barely managed to heel this pattern wound
You should join the army. You can be the one who blows the horn to wake them from their sleep or better off while they are dreaming

Where have you been? This song is finished. Now relinquished, in bed
I know your kind. I was born a cancer, you were born a soul celestialan. Your past is darker than you care to share or dwell or weep on. You should join a live band, you can stay up late and practice blowing kisses, hits and misses and shatter wishes for all the members
PHOTOGRAPH of Rhonda Robison at
The Antelope Valley Brewery