Hypnosis ©2004
Inspired by our everyday struggle
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Written to previously recorded music
You got wide, crowd, condensed, explode • Now you’re ready to go • Secure signs of wherewithal • Keep your stride you decide
(Nothing's for real)
Can’t spit out, got me down. Who? The people interacting got me down.
Can’t speak, got my tongue got my tongue. Social ocean got to GOT TO dive
Turn off your voice, turn off your mind, turn off your conversation, turn off the pain, turn off the switch

I’ve got to chase the buck, got to get with chuck I wont give into pain, it’s not a game am I insane it’s not the same am I so vain   it’s all for fame, got to go, go ,go get it got to turn off my mind got to turn off my pants got to turn off my mouth got to turn off shut down get around don’t go feeling insane I think I’m insane I thought I was sane I think I’m dancing opt-to toe ditty um-bop do-wop stop get top it up da doobie-doobie get up bo-wop do-wap  slop co-op swap stick with me and get up got my thang got my bang I’m a one man gang so stick ‘em up we’re in charge
LISTEN UP PEOPLE ! - I am about to glide thru this room without resistance
got to free your money got to free your body you’re  feeling sleepy just close your eyes ring aound the rosie pocket full of posies ashes we all fall down Sy soleae Si soleat passion disappears with anger feed your soul and you’re so sensational tip tip tip tip toe in talk, talk, talk, talk breathe money wont you set me free from society get down get your balls ditty I’m followed by shadows four three two one is this so wrong is this so long I think get down now get your bowl ditty I’ll come down for a while
wake up... your life is beautiful - fly high, it’s your sky, never say goodbye