Penelope Claire ©2001
Inspired by Penelope & Claire
PHOTO: Courtesy of
She’s so heavenly
She threads her shoes with ribbons
She’ll light a candle, To show you the way
I’d like to introduce... Penelope Claire

She’ll untie your heartstrings, like a cherry stem
There’s no telling what she’ll do or where she is
She speaks in tongues to tongue, she’s the queen bee
Claire won’t commit to you without Penelope

You’ve got to meet this girl, Penelope Claire
She goes from short to long, from brown to blonde, down there
She looks like heaven, she moves with grace
You’ll never know what she’s thinking, ‘til you get to her place

And she won’t go away until she gets her way
Please miss Claire, Penelope’s gone hysterical today

Just be aware of Penelope Claire
Just be aware of Penelope Down There