Kiss The Girl ©2000
Inspired by being too shy to make a move
Written in my car wit ha handheld
PHOTO: Courtesy of

Lift her skirt (use your eyes) She’s such a flirt (to my demise) 
You’re getting serious (but she’s laughing) Just take over while she’s got her mind (on you) 
Kiss the girl! She’s so pretty. Make a move or she’ll slip away 
Kiss the girl! Touch her. We can talk in the morning 

Shake the tree (collect the seed) Plant a kiss (it’s what you need) 
Wipe the smile across her (cheek) You’ve got to move in (because) she’s such a freak 

Tell a joke, make it funny. Milk the goat, spend your money 
Speak in rhyme, mesmerize. Tongue in cheek, harmonize 
Walk the dog, wear him out. Talking smooth is what it’s all about 
Stop the clock and go fly a kite 
You can’t look back although she’s just your type