PHOTOGRAPH: Daniel Joseph, aa.c, & Rhonda Robison performing at The Club DI
Stand between
Me and her 
Her and I  
Stand beneath your sky 
Stand high  
It’s all so new to me 
It’s getting old 
I’m about to fold up, on you 
You know I’ll set you free, if you come back to me 
It must be meant to be,  
No, I’m not a fool   
I’ve seen that side of you, buried from my point of view
I’ll shape your destiny, time will tell if you’re willing me
Bit me on the leg 
You should have stayed 
You should have stayed 
Bit me on the cheek 
You mustn’t peek
You mustn’t peek, or you’re laid
Don’t watch the sun go down, it might just burn a frown 
Up on that face of yours, I miss that face of yours 
Your many faces, I adore 
Between ©1996
Inspired by band tentions and secrets
Written at the Club DI after hours on a Monday