Measly Love Song ©1995
Inspired by Rhonda Robison
Stollen Quote: "Measly" - Rhonda Robison
Written at hardwood Studio
PHOTOGRAPH: Rhonda Robison

to’ve lost my way
Don’t look in after me 
It’s not the time, it’s not the place 
It’s not the face you've made mistakenly 
I’ve lost my drive, counting back from five
uncomfortably, beating freely, you’ve just measly untied
my heart strings
Don’t just tickle me categorically making things uneasy
Untouched by another fan of yours, another hand of yours. you’re tearing me for free, comparing me to be nicely however unlikely
Unleashed in another land of of course in other sands of sorts. You’re sharing me, don’t marry me, it’s scaring me. It isn’t fair to be, we’ll have to see, this songs for free, despite how measly you’re tearing me apart
Just shine on 
Just shine on this love song