Dear Roby ©1993
Inspired by a real life experience
Written at my folks house in my old bedroom
Trivia: Augie really threw a bottle thru Roby's car window
PHOTOGRAPHS: 1990 Quartz Hill High School Yearbook
I came into my house one day
I came in thru the window 
I had to cross the yard of grass
My dogs were real shy 
"Hi mom, how are you? I came in thru the window"
"Don’t you look at my face, it’s just one big lie"  
(a different day)
"Hi Rob, how are you?
I’m looking thru your window"
"I feel as thought I am a bit drunk but things will be fine"
"Why are you so god damn late?
Have you been with a bimbo?"
"Never mind the broken glass, let’s all go get"
*Angie was NOT a bimbo. but binbo rhymed with window, so I went with it... *
Angie was the girl I met, before I went thru the window 
Everyone thought she was drunk, but she was just sly 
Since that day I know she’s just a little bimbo* 
But I’ve been with her once since then and things were just fine
We want you