LOUDSPEAKER is a San Diego local radio program. The program was scheduled on Sunday evenings in the year 2000. In addition to airing local music, they interviewed local guest musicians and helped promote their shows and CD's.

Augie tells this story from him perspective.

Rob was one of the hosts on Loudspeaker. I literally and politely called him everyday for weeks trying to schedule an interview. At one point, Laduska York showed me the secret back door where the night staff would go to smoke cigarettes. Laduska's band Flooded had been guests on the show a few times. As a result, she was acquainted with Rob. We stood outside at the smoking exit for 30 minutes before someone acknowledged us. Laduska and I were then escorted into the station by some punk intern and we spoke briefly to Rob. Rob politely explained that he would prefer that I called him the next day to schedule something (when he could more closely look at his calendar.) I mentioned the daily unreturned phone calls I had been making, he apologized, and said it wouldn't be a problem this time around.

The next week, I went back to my daily routine of calling once a day. Because, yes, you guessed it, Rob wasn't answering his phone, nor was he returning my calls.

After investing a phone call per day for weeks and weeks and taking time out of making music to go down and get the blown off, I wasn't going to quit now. I had to penetrate their click.

After keeping a safe distance for a few weeks, and refraining from leaving threatening messages, I showed up late one night and followed someone in the back door after he smoked a cigarette. I walked right into Rob's unattended office and made myself comfortable. He eventually missed on in and was surprised and uncomfortable. Without debate, Rob agreed to schedule me for an interview and "inked" me into his calendar. I made it clear with my body language alone that I wouldn't be leaving until he did so. It was almost too easy.

I showed up on the evening agreed upon and Rob and cohost Jason Riggs tried to convince me to reschedule because they accidentally "over booked." I didn't back down and subtilely insisted they keep their word. This incident explains my slightly agitated tone and sarcasm during the interview. Rob does seem like a nice guy, I just think he wasn't terribly organized. I also think that then Co-Host Jason Riggs preferred to cater to more well known local acts. I should mention that I brought a local aspiring promoter Darcy Harrington as well as my supermodel sister (not really a supermodel, but could have been). I knew that a couple pretty girls would aide in the manipulation of the interview, the program, and the jocks.... and they did.

This fell at a time in my life when I didn't realize that despite the fact that I have put in my entire heart and sole into my music, not everyone is going to respect it. I mistakenly thought that completing a professional sounding CD would be my ticked to bookings and local airplay. I have not sought any radio interviews since.

- augiealexander.com
self produced songwriter